ESAB Unveils its Upgraded and Transformed Facility in Denton

April 11, 2024

Ribbon Cutting
ESAB Corporation leadership, including (center) Shyam P. Kambeyanda, ESAB Corporation, CEO, and (second from right) Olivier Biebuyck, President, Fabrication Technology, and (third from right) Michele Campion, ESAB Corporation, CHRO, (right) Eleanor Lukens, President, Americas, ESAB joined local leaders, including (left) Purushothama Doddanna, Head of ESAB Denton Operations, and (second from left) Flavio Santos, Vice President, Global Products, ESAB, for a ribbon cutting ceremony in the upgraded Denton, Texas facility.

  • 100% electricity from renewable energy sources
  • New Customer Experience Center
  • Modernized operations; new training and demo areas

Denton, TX – ESAB today held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate its newly renovated facility in Denton, Texas. The facility was built in 1965 by Victor®, an ESAB brand, and has served continuously as a core manufacturing location, North American distribution center, and research and development facility. The renovation features a new Customer Experience Center for visitors to see ESAB’s latest innovations and state-of-the-art operations for the fabrication industry. The facility also boasts a world-class training center with a new demonstration and application development area where customers can see, test and try-out new equipment and consumables. The Denton facility is powered by 100% renewable energy sources, supporting ESAB’s sustainability goals.

“This Denton team and this location play a key role in our mission to be the best-in-class supplier to our customers,” says Eleanor Lukens, ESAB President of the Americas. “We know that our customers and partners look to us to drive the latest innovations for the fabrication technology industry to help them address core business issues such as productivity, quality and training. Being able to bring customers here to showcase our latest products and provide access to our technology-leading experts will help customers achieve their goals.”

As part of the inaugural week celebrations and to demonstrate its commitment to the fabrication technology industry, ESAB opened the doors to its Denton plant to distributors and partners from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Shyam P. Kambeyanda, ESAB Corporation, CEO, and Olivier Biebuyck, President, Fabrication Technology, joined ESAB’s North American leadership team to spend time with ESAB Distributor Advisory Council (EDAC) to discuss business strategies and opportunities.

“The Denton facility personifies all of what ESAB has to offer, especially the equipment and robotics side of our business,” says Olivier Biebuyck. “Our global product managers and R&D teams have done a tremendous job revamping and modernizing our portfolio offering. Denton is now a premier manufacturing, training and engineering facility in North America.”

During the open house in the training center, the demonstration showroom featured ESAB’s light industrial products including the Rebel compact multi-process welder series and the Rogue Stick, TIG product lines, filler metals, and heavy manufacturing equipment like ESAB’s new Cobot paired with Aristo® Edge and Warrior® Edge power sources and RobustFeed wire feed systems. The applications lab provided live demonstrations of the new Renegade™ VOLT battery-powered welder and new Swift-Cut automated cutting system for smaller fabricators (which complement ESAB’s larger, more complex automated cutting systems). Visitors also received a merchandising overview and a preview of new marketing materials, as well as a chance to meet and develop a rapport with ESAB’s Customer Care employees.