A global leader in gas control for industrial, specialty gas and medical applications.

Year founded 1987
Acquired by ESAB 2018
Distributors worldwide 6,000+

GCE is the leading provider of specialty gas solutions, developing and manufacturing of all types of equipment for pressure and flow control of high-pressure gasses across various industries. ESAB Corporation acquired GCE in 2018 to set the foundation for a new growth platform with a strong global footprint.

With extensive experience in the handling of high-pressure gasses, GCE’s origins go back to the beginning of the twentieth century when oxy-acetylene cutting and welding methods were invented. Today’s product portfolio fits a large variety of applications for industrial, medical, life sciences, and specialty gas controls.

With the backing of ESAB Corporation, GCE is tackling these challenges head-on by not only enabling development of innovative products and solutions, but relentlessly looking for ways to drive continuous improvement and deliver additional value to customers, healthcare providers, and shareholders.

Delivering safe and efficient gas equipment across industries.

Our product lines are just as impressive as our global reach, with service expanding from basic pressure regulators to complex gas supply systems across all applications.


A broad range of brands and products for oxy-fuel welding and cutting, arc welding and cutting, gas cylinder valves, brewery regulation, gas supply systems, plumbing, and more.


Complete systems for supplying oxygen, nitrous oxide, and other gases to hospitals, ambulance-service providers, emergency services, home-care providers, and other specialty services.

Specialty gas.

Specialty gas equipment for technical and research applications, including analytical instruments, chemical processes, and light amplification.

Innovation spotlight.

Zen-O™ portable oxygen concentrator.

In 2015, GCE saw an increasing demand for portable oxygen concentrators designed to enable patients with respiratory disorders, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), to better manage their oxygen therapy within and outside their homes. Zen-O is the best-in-class portable oxygen concentrator with pulse and continuous oxygen delivery modes for active patients requiring oxygen therapy. The practical and robust design offers greater operational efficiency and low-cost ownership for home oxygen providers, vastly improving quality of life for patients.

Gas control equipment with global expertise.

Our gas control portfolio is able to provide equipment around the world with the expertise to meet local standards and exceed our customers’ expectations.